Justin Spiers, 2018 Creative Connections Resident

Dunedin based photographer Justin Spiers was the Supreme Winner at the Cleveland National Art Awards 2017, and has previously been a finalist at the Wallace Art Awards and the National Contemporary Art Awards. He graduated from Dunedin School of Art in 2013, and was the Director of the Perth Centre for Photography between 2004 and 2007. He now runs OLGA Gallery.

Spiers ran a Pet Photo Booth project. Of the project he said: “This would be the first South Island outing of a ten-year long project that has been to every corner of Australia and been exhibited in prominent Australian galleries including the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and the Australian Centre for Photography. In this project Pet owners are photographed with their beloved pets in front of colourful, gloriously kitsch vintage photo wall backdrops. Beyond its colourful surface the project is a wonderful way to make portraits of people who may otherwise shy from the camera but are willing to be photographed for their pets.”


Victoria McIntosh, 2017 Creative Connections Resident

Dunedin based artist/jeweller Victoria McIntosh graduated from Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 2005, and describes her work as “weaving itself between jewellery and small scale sculptural works”. Her Caselberg Creative Connections residency project will build upon the theme of recent work shown in her solo shows Burnt (2016) and Blemish (2014), both at Masterworks Auckland. “Following on from Blemish, I wish to continue my research into the body and societies often unrealistic expectations” said McIntosh, “I have worked with collected found materials, altering them in a way to create a new narrative for them”. Blemish focused on the female body and social expectations. Burnt involved altering domestic objects in order to challenge the way we look at our familiar surroundings. Playing on the art historical reference of the female form as a vessel, and using teapots as a starting point, she will utilise her metal working skills to cut and alter their form, as well as bringing in textiles to create a softer flesh like element.

becky c.png

Becky Cameron, 2016 Creative Connections Resident

Dunedin based artist Becky Cameron is a graduate of the Otago Polytechnic School of Art, and is interested in ideas about landscape, belonging and home.  Originally from England, she has travelled extensively before finally settling in New Zealand.

Becky aims to work using low-impact and locally-sourced materials, and this is reflected in her Creative Connections residency project which will investigate, utilise and celebrate the local materials from the Otago Peninsula and specifically around Hereweka Harbour Cone.

“I am Interested in the layers of geography, history, memory and ideas, and want to explore these overlapping strata. I plan to produce drawings incorporating locally sourced materials such as earth pigments and charcoal, and use clay from the area to make ceramic artworks” Cameron says.


Alex Taylor, 2015 Creative Connections Resident

Alex Taylor, one of New Zealand’s leading young composers of orchestral and chamber music has had his work performed by prominent artists, including the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, 175 East and the NZTrio, as well as being featured in concerts in Australia, Indonesia, America and Europe. Alex will spend his time as Creative Connections Resident undertaking a project based on the life and music of New Zealand composer Anthony Watson. In 1971-72 Watson was the inaugural Mozart Fellow at the University of Otago, prior to his death aged 39 in 1973. His papers are held in the Hocken Collections.



Stanley Palmer, 2014 IN-PRINT Resident

In ‘Stanley Palmer: Poor Knights’, published by The Fisher Gallery, author Riemke Ensing introduces her subject, Stanley Palmer as ‘ an artist who is strongly identified with the New Zealand landscape’. In 1965, when the poet Allen Curnow opened an early exhibition of Palmer’s paintings at the Uptown Gallery in Auckland, he spoke of the vigour, candid beauty and striking colours of the oils, which to him imparted a ‘true vision of the physical being of New Zealand capturing something that lies within these landscapes’.


Pacific Underground, 2013 Creative Connections Residents

Auckland based collective Pacific Underground formed in 1993 and is a collective of Christchurch actors, musicians, writers, and producers.  Members Tanya Muagututi’a and Posenai Mavaega, have a long and successful record of creative projects throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, and already have strong links with Dunedin. Their project “Island Summer – Sounds from the Bay” will involve writing new music in collaboration with Dunedin musicians and producers Hiliako Iaheto, and Pip Laufiso. They will be performing their creative work at concerts within the community, and documenting their project through photography and digital story telling.


Catherine Day, 2012 Down the Bay Resident

Catherine Day spent two weeks in the cottage recording and visually documenting the immediate surrounds.  These are some of the images she produced in that time.  We wish to thank Cutlers Real Estate for making this residency possible with their generous donation. Retreat supported by Cutlers.


Megan Jane Campbell, 2012 Creative Connections Resident

Creative Connections Resident 2012 was Featherston artist Megan Jane Campbell, who undertook her residency between April and July 2012. Megan’s project during the residency focused on two apsects of her personal connection to the city of Dunedin. The first related to her close family connections to the Caversham area of Dunedin, where her mother grew up in the early 20th century. In 2010, just prior to her mothers death, Megan and her mother undertook a road trip to Dunedin to revisit the places where she grew up. The second aspect of Megan’s project relates to her training as a Psychiatric nurse, and to the historical records and photographs of the old Seacliff Hospital.


Lynn Taylor, 2012 Down the Bay Resident

Lynn will be beginning a new project based around St Kilda in Dunedin and will focus the week on working with a recipe book that was published in the St Kilda community some years ago. The St Kilda project concept has been instigated by UK artist Deirdre Nelson who is proposing to investigate and respond to St Kilda’s in Scotland, Dunedin and Melbourne. Author Christos Tsiolkas is the Melbourne link and sometime in 2012 Deidre hopes to travel to visit both locations and see where working collaboratively takes the creative output. Lynn very much hopes that people from the public with stories or photos about St Kilda could come and share them with her through the residency.


Anna Smith, 2011 Writer in Residence

A warm Dunedin welcome was given to Christchurch writer Anna Smith by the Caselberg Trust and local artists, writers and friends at the Art Workshop Studio, Broad Bay last week. Anna’s day job is teaching children’s literature at the University of Canterbury. She has found the first month of a 3 month stay in Broad Bay a wonderful opportunity to concentrate on her fiction which took a serious dive following the earthquakes in Christchurch. Currently she is working on a number of short stories that need editing; she has also begun a larger piece of work that she feels very positive about. After the serious disruptions in Christchurch, she is finding the Caselberg House a wonderful retreat in which to write and be creative.



Michael Harlow, 2009 Inaugural Resident

Burns Fellow, poet, Michael Harlow. Michael said of his experience as our inaugural resident:

‘the setting couldn’t be more ideal in my case, to get down to letting words dream again’ — Michael Harlow


Ten Artists in Fiordland, 2008

The Trust organised ‘Ten Artists in Fiordland’, a ‘residency on a boat’ for 9 artists and 1 film maker, to spend a week in Dusky Sound aboard the vessel Breaksea Girl. The artists were: Wayne Seyb, Glenn Colquhoun, Nigel Brown, Mark Orton, Lynn Kelly, Gillian Whitehead, Marilynn Webb, Gregory O’Brien, Claire Beynon and Alan Roddick. The collective experience led to a group exhibition later held in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Dunedin during Otago Festival of Arts 2008.