Welcome Deirdre Nelson and “The Kildas” Project

Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1992, I have pursued a parallel career in creating work for exhibition and commission and in working as an artist facilitator to various groups. My nomadic nature and interest in communities have allowed me to develop work for exhibition and on residencies both in UK and Australia . Research, humour and craft technique contribute to projects dealing with relevant social and environmental issues whilst engaging communities in the process.

” ….a maker who embodies the principles of quiet activism making work that places craft as a central and productive force in society. She uses craft processes, sensibilities, values and thinking to empower people in communities to find agency to address issues of social justice , well-being and connectivity.. I admire her resourcefulness, the spirited way she goes about her creative enquiry and the joyfulness she brings to each project and challenge” Deirdre Figueiredo. Craftspace

The Kildas

Artist Deirdre Nelson is interested in exploring St Kilda in New Zealand as part of a larger body of research of the Kildas ( Scotland , New Zealand and Melbourne Australia ) Her main areas of interest are the people of present day St Kilda. Through researching the history of all St Kildas, ideas developed relating to the fact that there is no ‘Saint’ Kilda.( A Dutch cartographer wrongly named the Scottish Island). Deirdre would like to celebrate contemporary ‘Saint’ Kildans and create work which relates to people she meets along the way. The project links both past and present, north and south and the people who inhabit the Kildas.

My website address is http://cargocollective.com/dstitch and blog address

is http://dstitch.blogspot.co.uk/ and twitter @dstitch

Glasgow 2014

The Kildas is part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme and is supported through the 20 for 14 programme. The 20 for 14 projects are led by 20 individual artists and are inspired by the unique cultural, social, political and historical contexts of the Commonwealth and Glasgow’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games. The Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme is a national celebration. Culture 2014 will showcase dance, theatre, music, visual arts, comedy and much more in the run up to and after the Commonwealth Games, with Festival 2014 transforming the Host City at Games time. The Cultural Programme is a partnership between the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee, Glasgow Life and Creative Scotland. www.glasgow2014.com/culture

Left: Deirdre Nelson and artist Lynn Taylor.
Second Left: Deirdre with some of her fine hand stitching work.

Chloe Geoghegan