Matchbox Gallery – Click to view some of the exciting pieces we have received for the fundraising exhibition

At this stage of preparation for “Matchbox” we wish to thank Moray Gallery for their generosity in hosting this fundraising exhibition. We also extend a thank you to all those brilliant artists, jewellers, printmakers and ceramicists for their exciting contributions and support.

Grands Matches de Boxe by Annie Nevin
Silver Beehive Matchbox Pendent by John Z Robinson
Limited Edition prints Barry Cleavin
Matchbox Trophies by Kerry McKay
The Soldier Exclaims by Claire Beynon
Constellation Brooches by Amelia Pascoe
“Light” by Josephine Regan
Three Matchstick Brooches by David McLeod
Pamela Brown
Matched Book by Gill Fisher
Blowing Hot and Cold by Denise Copeland
A close peek at “The Private Life of Matchcbox Colours” by Pauline Durning
Happiness by Marion Mertens
Lost” Detail by Jane Schollum
Nigel Brown
Moa Matches by Jo Ogier
Matchbox Brooches by Amelia Pascoe

Chloe Geoghegan