Kim Hill talks with Max Gimblett – The Quatrefoil King


One of New Zealand’s most successful and internationally prominent living painters, Max Gimblett has been living in North America since 1962.  He has also been a constant and generous supporter of the Caselberg Trust from our very early days.

He has donated time, artworks and his expertise to help the Trust grow,  the collaboration with Denise Copeland and the Nadene Milne Gallery in 2016 giving us a kick start in the building of our now completed Charles Brasch studio.  For these things we are and will always be very grateful.

The link below is to Kim Hills conversation with Max on May 20th 2017.  It’s well worth a listen. (Photograph of Max in his New York Studio by Denise Copeland 2015)

Max Gimblett – The Quatrefoil King.

Chloe Geoghegan