Residency Information

Caselberg Trust Residency Information

Caselberg Trust offers a wide programme of residencies each year, across all creative media – visual, writing, sound/music, dance/performance.

Residencies vary from funded to self-funded/sponsored, and are awarded by direct invitation by the Trustees or following an application process.

The Caselberg Trust actively encourages residencies and creative projects that fosters dialogue and establishes links with the wider Otago/Southland community.

Artists on residency are given the time, space, freedom and to concentrate on the development of their work. We provide a supportive context in which artists can devise new projects, experiment and engage with Dunedin based artists and with arts organisations working in different fields or with different approaches to their practice.

At present the Caselberg Trust offers a one bedroomed cottage set on the edge of the Otago Harbour overlooking Quarantine Island. We also offer links and contacts with Otago and Southland based arts organisations and projects. We are currently working on plans and fundraising to build a studio adjacent to the house.

If you would like to receive further details on future opportunities or events, please join our mailing list.

The Caselberg Trust welcomes approaches from individuals, organisations, and businesses that would like to sponsor and support funded residencies at the Caselberg Trust, and who would like to work in partnership with us to develop our residency programme.



The Creative Connections Residency reflects the core ethos of the Trust, and aims –

To support and encourage innovative and exciting collaborations between creative media, and to foster the building of dynamic and unexpected relationships between the Resident and communities relevant to the Resident’s identified creative project,
To encourage and support people who are making, or have the potential to make, a significant contribution to the arts, either on a national or international level,
To provide the opportunity to introduce new ideas, motifs and materials into the Residents work

For the Creative Connections Residency, the Caselberg Trust is specifically looking for projects that reach out, and make links, across a variety of creative media, professional disciplines, and/or communities relevant to the planned project.

2012 – Megan Jane Campbell – painter from Wairarapa
2013 – Pacific Underground – Auckland based musicians
2015 – Alex Taylor – Auckland based composer and poet
2016 – Rebecca Cameron – Dunedin based painter
2017 – Victoria McIntosh – Dunedin based jeweller and artist


Key points of the Creative Connections Residency –

  • Annual residency for 3 months, and can be taken during any 3 month period within the 12 month period of offer
  • Accommodation at the Caselberg House Broad Bay Dunedin
  • Stipend to the resident of $6000 NZ, with a further $2000 NZ available for project costs
  • Residency is open to NZ residents
  • Residency is by application. Timeline for applications varies slightly from year to year.
    April/May – Application form and information is placed on the Caselberg Trust website
    July/August – Applications close
    August/September- Selection panel meet
    September/October- Applicants notified
  • Applications welcomed for projects from any creative media


The Down the Bay residencies are offered to artists that have supported the Caselberg Trust in some way in the past.

Key points of the Down the Bay Residency –

  • Up to 6 annual residencies lasting up to 14 days
  • Accommodation at the Caselberg House Broad Bay Dunedin
  • By invitation of the Trustees


Annual printmaking residency
2012 – Marian Maguire
2013 – Barry Cleavin
2014 – Stanley Palmer

Key points of the Caselberg IN PRINT Residency –

  • One annual residency per year of up to one month
  • Accommodation at the Caselberg House Broad Bay Dunedin
  • By invitation of the Trustees
  • Printmaker donates one edition of prints for sale to Caselberg Trust members, with 50:50 division of sales artist:Trust


Individuals with a creative project can hire the Caselberg House, and availability during the year is dependent on the funded residency timetable.

Key points of self-funded residencies -

  • Individuals should email with outline of proposed residency project, and to check availability and request costs.

Forthcoming Deadlines

August 2017  – Creative Connections Residency 2018

Application form and information will be posted onto the Trust website in May 2017 for the Creative Connections Residency 2018.  Applications open on Thursday 25th May and must be received by Monday 14th August 2017.


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