Stanley Palmer – Caselberg IN PRINT artist 2014

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Stanley Palmer – Caselberg IN PRINT artist 2014
Stanley Palmer with his book "East"

Stanley Palmer with his book “East”

Srtanley Palmer. Working on one of the West Coast paintings. 2011
In ‘Stanley Palmer: Poor Knights’, published by The Fisher Gallery, author Riemke Ensing introduces her subject, Stanley Palmer as ‘ an artist who is strongly identified with the New Zealand landscape’. In 1965, when the poet Allen Curnow opened an early exhibition of Palmer’s paintings at the Uptown Gallery in Auckland, he spoke of the vigour, candid beauty and striking colours of the oils, which to him imparted a ‘true vision of the physical being of New Zealand capturing something that lies within these landscapes’.

Stanley Palmer was born in Turua near Thames,Cormandel in 1936. He is one of a few outlaws in New Zealand painting – never painting as either taste or style dictates but persistantly responding to impulses derived from these islands that he so knowledgably inhabits. Forty-nine years after Allen Curnow’s proclamation Stanley’s works retain the ‘something that lies within’ that those of us that live here know to be true.
Barry Cleavin. March 2014.
(c) photographs. 2011.

Stanley Palmer confronting a canvas in his studio, Auckland, May 2011.


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