Chen Zhou, Blue Oyster 2017 Summer Resident

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Chen Zhou, Blue Oyster 2017 Summer Resident
Based in Shanghai, artist and film maker Chen Zhou is holds a BFA from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (2009). His practice encompasses painting, sculpture and installation with a primary focus on video. Fascinated by contradictions inherent in film and video, Chen’s work frequently stages incongruous relationships between images that create a disjointed narrative. His experimentation with aesthetic language and everyday decision making forms a constant thread in his work. Chen has been exhibited at Beijing’s Magician Space (I am not not Chen Zhou, 2013) as well as in group exhibitions at OCAT Shanghai, UCCA Beijing, Today Art Museum, Beijing, the 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Beinnale and in China Independent Film Festival 10.zhen-chouWhile in Dunedin, Chen aims to present his recently completed film Life Imitation (2016) and undertake research for a new film to be completed in late 2017. Having never travelled to Aotearoa before, he is interested to meet the local Dunedin arts community and connect with young people who could influence his research. If you would like to meet with our Resident in January, please get in touch. Thanks to the generous support of Caselberg Trust, Chen will be staying at Caselberg Cottage for the duration of his visit to Dunedin.Blue Oyster Art Space read more

Chen’s journey to Dunedin has been made possible with an arts grant from the Asia New Zealand Foundation, who, in August of this year also supported Blue Oyster Director Chloe Geoghegan and two other curators to travel to China and Korea to visit studios, spaces, galleries and museums. Chloe would like to thank guide Sophia McKinnon for her support and introduction to Chen Zhou and a range of other artists, curators, gallerists, critics and practitioners in China.

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