BookMarks II

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BookMarks II

Click here to download BookMarksII 2019 Auction Catalogue (1 page)

For the past year, Trustees have been hunting down rare and highly collectible, signed first editions by leading authors, designers, printers and binders. These will be auctioned off in a one-off event: BookMarks II on Friday 3 May 5.30-7.30pm at Dunedin’s Community Gallery.

BookMarks II will also bring together a small number of book-related artworks to be auctioned, and all auction items will be available to view on the day, with further sales to take place on Saturday 4 May at the Gallery. Join us to celebrate and bid on a rare first edition to support the Trust! All proceeds will go to the running of Caselberg Trust, including our residencies and awards.

Auction Viewing: Friday 3 May, 12-4pm
Auction Event: Friday 3 May, 5.30-7.30pm
Book Sale: Saturday 4 May, 10am-4pm

BookMarks II
Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street, Dunedin
Free Entry
Labels designed by Nigel Brown, Barry Cleavin and John Z Robinson

First 50 book sales will receive a limited edition bookmark print by a local artist.
EFTPOS available.

List of Publications for Auction:

Alan Loney JC Beaglehole The Death of Captain Cook 1979 Limited edition 26/50, Hawk Press, Welington.Boxed s
Alan Loney/Tara McLeod Black & White PearTree Press, 45/60, 2005 Letter press printed ns
Alan Roddick Getting It Right OUP 2016 s
Alice MacLaurin Hattie Mouse and the Lost Mittens Dunedin Print 2017 s
Alison Wong As the Earth Turns Silver Penguin 2009 s
Barbara Brookes The History of New Zealand Women Bridget Williams Books 2013 s
Barry Cleavin Exercising the Black Dog PaperGraphica 2011 s
Barry Cleavin Lateral Inversions CUP 2013 s
Bernadette Hall the merino princess VUP 2004 s
Bernadette Hall The Lustre Jug VUP 2009 s
Bernadette Hall Settler Dreaming VUP 2001 s
Bernadette Hall The Persisitent Levitator VUP 1994 s
Bernadette Hall Still Talking VUP 1997 s
Bernadette Hall Life & Customs VUP 2013 s
Bernadette Hall The Ponies VUP 2007 s
Bernadette Hall The Way of the Cross Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Charitable Trust s
Bill Manhire/Gregory O’Brien The Brain of Katherine Mansfield Auckland Univ Press 1988 s
Breton Dukes Empty Bones VUP 2014 s
Breton Dukes Bird North VUP 2011 s
Brian Gregory Le Tour de Chance Pear Tree Press, 2015 30/40 Letter Press book with illustrations by Barry Lett, Nigel Brown, Richard McWhannell, Denis O’Connor ns
Brian Gregory, Richard McWannell, Tara McLeod In Winter Vineyards 1999 c 7/50, Pear Tree Press, Auckland s
Brian Turner All That Can Be Blue John McIndoe 1989 s
Brian Turner Footfall Random House 2005 1830/2000 s
C K Stead Collected Poems 1951-2006 Auckland Univ Press 2008 NS
C K Stead The Necessary Angel Allen & Unwin UK 2018 s
C K Stead Quesada Poems 1972-74 Limited Edition No 69 /? The Shed, Auckland s
Carolyn McCurdie Bones in the Octagon 2 copies Makaro Press 2015 2 copies s
Charles Brasch Indrections A Memoir 1090-1947 (2 copies) Oxford University Press 1980 ns
Chris Ackerley/Tara Mcleod Sweets of Sin Pear Tree Press, 2015 Letter press book with printers block images. 17/30 ns
Cilla McQueen Wild Sweets John McIndoe 1986 s
CK Stead Poems 1951-2006 AUP 208 s
Claire Beynon Open Book Steele Roberts 2007, inscribed s
Claire Finlayson This Thing In the Mirror Craig Potton Pub. 2004 ns
Craig Potton Great Walks Ctraig Potton 2015 s
David Eggleton edgeland OUP 2018 s
David Eggleton The Conch Trumpet OUP 2015 s
David Elliot Snark OUP 2016 s
David Howard the in-complete poems 2 copies Cold Hub Press 2011 s
Diane Brown Taking My Mother to the Opera OUP 2015 s
Dinah Hawken oh there you are TUI 2 copies VUP 2001 s
Dinah Hawken There is no Harbour VUP 2019 s
Dinah Hawken Ocean and Stone Vup 2015 s
Dinah Hawken One Shapely Thing 2 copies VUP 2006 s
Donna Malane Surrender Harper Collins 2012 (1st publ 2010 s
Donna Malane My Mother’s Keeper Hardback US Edirion Minotaur Books 2013 s
Donna Rutherford Moireach 5 copies s
Elizabeth Knox The Vintner’s Luck Chatto & Windus 1999 s
Elizabeth Knox The Angel’s Cut VUP 2009 s
Elizabeth Knox Mortal Fire Gecko Press 2013 s
Elizabeth Knox AnUnreal House Filled With Real Storms VUP 2014 s
Ella West Night Vision Allen & Unwin 2014 s
Ella West Rain Fall Allen & Unwin 2018 s
Elspeth Sandys Casting off OUP 2017 s
Elspeth Sandys Obsession Upstart 2017 s
Fiona Farrell Mr Allbones’ Ferrets St Martin’s Press 2007 s
Fiona Farrell book book Vintage 2004 s
Fiona Kidman Where Your Left Hand Rests Godwit 2012 s
Fiona Kidman All Day at The Movies 2 copies Aardvark, London 2017 s
Fiona Kidman Captive Wife Vintage 2008 s
Fleur Adcock TheIncident Book Oxford Univ Press Reissued 1993 s
Fleur Adcock The Inner Harbour Oxford University Press 1979 s
Fleur Adcock The Scenic Route Oxford University Press 1974 s
Gilbert van Reenen NZ South Boxed Clean Green Press 2005 s
Gilbert van Reenen Central Otago Clean Green Press ns
Glenn Colquhoun Playing God Steele Roberts 2002 NS
Glenn Colquhoun The Art of Walking Upright Steele Roberts (5th Printing 2010) NS
Glenn Colquhoun/Nigel Brown North South Steele Roberts 2009 NS
Gregory O’Brien Great Lake /Malachi (2 books to be sold together) LCP Sydney 1991/ Little Esther 1993 s
Gregory O’Brien/Bruce Foster citizens of Santiago trapeze 2013 s
Helen Clark Women Equality Power Allen & Unwin 2018 s
Hone Tuwhare Oooooo…..!!! (15 copies) Steele Roberts 2005 ns
Hubert Witheford A Native, Perhaps Beautiful The Caxton Press, Chch 1967 ns
Huberta Hellendoorn Astride Fierce Wind submarine (Makaro) 2017 ns
Huberta Hellendoorn the madonna in the suitcase 2015 ns
Ian Wedde Homage to Matisse Amphedesma Press, London 1971 ns
Ian Wedde Hawkeye 1 Don’t Listen (2 copies) Hawk Press 1977 s
Ian Wedde Hawkeye 1 Don’t Listen (2 copies) Hawk Press Parapaarumu Sept 1977 NS
Ian Wedde The Drummer Auckland Univ Press 1993 s
Ian Wedde Georgicon x2 copies VUP 1983 s
Ian Wedde The Shirt Factory VUP 1981 s
Ian Wedde Made Over (2 copies) Stephan Chan Auckland 1974/Pegasus Press s
Ian Wedde Earthly Sonnets for Carlos 2 copies Amphedesma Press,Akaroa 1975 s
Ian Wedde Survival Arts Penguin1988 s
Ian Wedde Trifecta VUP 2015 s
Ian Wedde Good Business Auckland University Press 2009 s
Ian Wedde The Viewing Platform Penguin 2006 s
Ian Wedde Chinese Opera VUP 2008 s
James Brown What’s In Here? Limited Edition, Poem in sealedenvelope, Unity Books ns
James Brown Songs of the Humpback Whale Hydrophone Press 2018 ns
James Brown 2 Acounts A Poem By James Brown ns
James Brown Favourite Monsters VUP 2002 ns
James Brown The Year of the Bicycle VUP reprinted 2012 ns
James Brown Warm Auditorium VUP 2012 ns
James Brown Floods of Another Chamber VUP 2017 ns
James Norcliffe along Blueskin Road (2copies) CUP 2005 s
Jane Woodham Twister submarine (Mira/Makaro) 2015 s
Janet de Wagt The Fossil Family goes to Tamatea 2 copies Janet de Wagt Publ 2018 s
Janet Frame An autobiography. No 276/500 Vintage Collector’s NZ Hardback Edition1994 signed by author s
Jenny Bornholdt A Book is a Book Gecko 2014 s
Jenny Bornholdt These Days VUP 2000 s
Jenny Powell The Case of the Missing Body OUP 2016 s
Jilian Sullivan a way home (2 copies) Potton & Burton 2016 2 copies s
Jocelyn Harris Satire, Celebrity and Politics in Jane Austen Bucknell Univ Press 2017 s
John Holmes Snap Otakou Press 2017.Copy no 95 (of 100). Poems David Eggeleton, Woodcuts Nigel Brown, Printing John Holmes s
John Robinson, Annie Villiers April Ravenwood Press 2015 s
Joy Watson Grandpa’s Shed Scholastic 2003 s
Joy Watson Grandpa’s Cardigan Scholastic 1993 s
Joy Watson Grandpa’s Cat Scholastic 2006 s
Joy Watson Grandpa’s Shorts Scholastic 2001 s
Joy Watson Grandpa’s Slippers Scholastic 1989 s
Karen Zelas feathers unfettered 2 copies Pukeko 2014 ns
Karen Zelas Night’s Glass Table Interactive Press 2012 ns
Karen Zelas Past Perfect Wily Pub 2010 ns
Kath Beattie Charged with Man’s Laughter 2 copies 2014 ns
Kath Beattie Artsenta the first 30 years 2015 ns
Kath Beattie Gumdigger Scholastic 2008 ns
Kath Beattie Cyclone Bola Scholastic 2013 ns
Kay McKenzie Cooke Born to a Red-Headed Woman OUP 2014 s
Kim Beatrice An Angel in the Undergrowth Kim Beatrice s
Laurice Gilbert My Family & Other Strangers AcademyAotearoa Press 2012 s
Laurice Gilbert, Hugo Kauri Justo Aotearoa Rocks AcademyAotearoa Press 2015 s
Liam McIlvanney The Quaker Harper Collins 2018 s
Lynley Edmeades As The Verb tenses OUP 2016 ns
Lynley Hood Minnie Dean Penguin 1994 s
Majella Cullinane Whispers of a Crow’s Wing OUP 2018 ns
Maris O’Rourke Lillibutt’s Australian Adventure Duck Creek Press 2015 s
Maris O’Rourke Singing with Poetry Throats David Ling 2013 s
Maris O’Rourke Lillibutt’s Big Adventure Duck Creek Press 2012 s
Maris O’Rourke Lillibutt’s Te Araroa Adventure Duck Creek Press 2014 s
Maris O’Rourke Our Superbaby GTM Press 2018 s
Martha Morseth Hippopotamus in the room Steele Roberts 2012 s
Mary McCallum XYZ of Happiness Makaro Press 2018 s
Mary-Anne Scott Snakes and Ladders Scholastic 2012 s
Mary-Anne Scott Coming Home To Roost Longacre 2016 s
Mary-Anne Scott Sticking with Pigs One Tree Houses 2018 s
Maurice Gee Plumb Faber & Faber 1978 (2nd Hand Signed by author) s
Maurice Gee Crime Story Viking 1994 s
Max Gimblett From Grafton to the Guggenheim (inscribed) Gow Langsford Gallery 2016 s
Maxine Alterio Ribbons of Grace Penguin 2007 s
Michael Harlow Nothing for it but to sing OUP 2016 S
Michael Harlow Giotto’s Elephant John McIndoe 1992 (reprint) s
Michael Harlow Cassandr’a Daughter AUP 2006)reprint s
Michael Harlow sweeping the courtyard Cold Hub Press s
Michael Steven Six Poems Soapbox Press 2019 s
Michael Steven Walkaing to Jutland St OUP 2018 s
Michelle Leggott Vanishing Points AUP 2017 S
Mike Ferris/Tara Mcleod From the Wood Pear Tree Pres 45/100 2015 Letter press printed from hand engraved wood blocks s
Neville Peat The Invading Sea The Cuba Press 2018 s
Neville Peat Central Otago Clean Green Press NS
Neville Peat Antarctic Partners Phantom House 2007 S
Noel Sanders Moon Tides & Shoreline Gilliankarawe Whitehead A Life iN Music Steele Roberts 2010 S(GW)
Paddy Richardson Through the Lonesome Dark Upstart 2017 (Plus first 3 chapters of sequel, The Green of the Springnot yet finished, signed) s
Pat White Notes from the Margins, The West Coast’s Peter Hooper Frontiers Press 2017 2 copies s
Pat White Planting the Olives Frontiers Press 2004 3 copies s
Pat White Fracking& Hawk Frontiers Press 2015 3 copies s
Pat White Drought Steele Roberts 1999 3 copies s
Pat White Gallipoli 3 copies Red Rofs 2005 s
Paul Schimmel Reading the Water 5 copies Steele Roberts 2016 s
Penelope Todd watermark Longacre 2003 s
Penelope Todd Digging for Spain Longacre 2008 s
Peter Hayden/ Rod Morris An Extraordinary Land Harper Collins 2013 s (RM)
Peter Hayden/ Rod Morris An Extraordinary Land Harper Collins 2013 s (PH)
Peter Olds Beethoven’s Guitar Caveman Press Dunedin 1973 s
Peter Olds Music Theraoy Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop, Paekakariki 2001 s
Peter Olds Taking my jacket for a walk Cold Hub Press, 2017 s
Peter Simpson Bloomsbury South AUP 2016 s
Philip Norman Douglas Lilburn His Life and Music CUP 2007 s
Philip Temple White Shadows Vintage 2005 s
Philip Temple The Last Great Explorer Godwit 2002 s
Raymond Huber Gecko Walker Books 2017 s
Renee These Two Hands a memoir Makaro Press 2017 s
Rhian Gallagher Shift Enitharmon Press 2011 s
Rhian Gallagher salt water creek Enitharmon Press 2003 s
Richard Reeve Generation Kitchen 2 copies OUP 2015 s
Robert Lowry this book is robin lowry’s Limited edition 1/76 Pages from New Caledonia 1943, cover 1973 ns
Robyn Belton/Jennifer Beck The Anzac Violin – Alexander Aitken’s Story Plus Bokmark, Music and authors notes onlaunch.Publishers Scholastic 2018 s
Sue Wootton Magnetic South Steele Roberts 2008 s
Sue Wootton hourglass Steele Roberts 2005 s
Sue Wootton Cloudcatcher Steele Roberts 2010 s
Sue Wootton Strip Makaro Press 2016 s
Tara McLeod ABC Letter pressed concertina book of linocut alaphabet blocks ns
Tara McLeod Experimental Typo Design A folder of 20 individual letter pressed prints, 10/20, 2017-18 ns
Terry Sturm (ed) The Oxford Histroy of NZ Literature in English Oxford Univ Press 1998 ns
Vincent O’Sullivan All This by Chance VUP 2018 s
Vincent O’Sullivan Being Here VUP 2015 s
Vincent O’Sullivan Palms and Minarets VUP 1992 s
Black Messiah A tribute to Henry Miller 1981 Ed John Bennett Vagabond Press, USA ns

List of Artworks:

artist title date medium framed
Nigel Brown APA beer label 2 2019 acrylic on paper unframed
bookmark 1 2019 acrylic on paper unframed
bookmark 2 2019 acrylic on paper unframed
bookmark 3 2019 acrylic on paper unframed
John Z Robinson IPA Beer Label 2019 1\1 lino cut unframed
bookmark 2019 1\1 lino cut unframed
Barry Clevin Stout Beer label 1 2019 t/p digital print unframed
Exlibris for Joseph Conrad 2013 2/15 etching framed
Janet de Wagt Borland Lodge 2019 acrylic on board unframed
Kathryn Madill A Page from the Book of Dreams 2019 Watercolour on paper unframed
Inge Doesberg Southern Skies 2007 ap mixed media framed
Claire Beynon Jade 2008 Conte pencil on cotton paper framed
FLAG LULLABY 2008 Lithograph framed
Riemke Ensing Turu Manu 2011 23\30 letterpress unframed
Charles Brasch 2009 40\40 letterpress unframed
Joanna Margaret Paul Rose watercolour, crayon


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Alan Loney, “JC Beaglehole The Death of Captain Cook” (1979 Limited edition 26/50, Hawk Press, Welington. Boxed)


Published work courtesy of Tara Mcleod

Rare books selection (above), beer labels by Barry Cleavin, John Z Robinson and Nigel Brown (below)



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