Book Binding Workshop with Lynn Taylor

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Jeannie Hayden “Always in Vogue”

I was lucky enough to be invited to drop into a bookbinding workshop being held in a picturesque boatshed below the Caselberg cottage in late January. The group were deeply involved in the process of folding, stitching and gluing the handmade books. Lynn calmly helped everyone and I soon wished I had taken up the opportunity to do this workshop myself. I consoled myself by enjoying a piece of delicious lemon cake and coffee provided as part of the workshop. Everyone was keen to get on so I sat down with my friend Gill and helped her with her chain stitch required for the binding. Enjoying the day and coming home with a handmade book and an appreciation of the skills involved probably would have been enough for those attending. But for Gill it has become a passion. Since the workshop she has purchased a book press and has even been approached to sell her handmade books. This week I was given a beautiful book from Gill so I felt I should write about one of our workshops that has kept on inspiring a participant nearly six months after the event.

Jeannie Hayden



Perfecting the technique

Beautifully Finished Books

Lynne Taylor

A great day enjoyed by all

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