About us


Broad Bay has played a rich and vital part in the flowering of New Zealand art. Between 1959 and 1973, the holiday cottage of the poet/writer/editor Charles Brasch, was regularly visited by to some of the best known writers and artists of the time – among them Janet Frame, CK Stead, RAK Mason, and Ruth Dallas. It was a refuge for creativity and a gathering place for passionate cultural debate.

Brasch, who passed away in 1973 bequeathed his cottage to Anna and John Caselberg who for the next 30 years lived and worked here in Broad Bay


Anna and John Caselberg

Anna Caselberg was a major artist and the daughter of one of New Zealand’s best-known painters Sir Tosswill Woollaston. “Her paintings made the art of seeing miraculous” Wayne Seyb, artist.

John Caselberg was a poet, playright, critic and short story writer. He was a longtime collaborator with artist Colin McCahon. John’s poems illuminated some of McCahon’s best known works. McCahon’s free flowing genius was in part anchored by Caselberg’s insight.


The Trust

Patron – Dame Gillian Whitehead, composer of renown and recipient of many prestigious music awards.


  • Janet Downs
  • Peter Hayden
  • Lesley Hirst
  • Kirsten Lovelock
  • Robert West

Committee members

Gill Fisher, Barbara Wilkins, Leslie Turner, Jeannie Hayden, Barry Cleavin, Dee Copeland, Karina McLeod, Lisa McCauley, Claire Beynon and many other generous supporters from the Broad Bay community and beyond.

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